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Dr. Shoba Mathews, a neurologist in southern Maryland and the founder of Hollywood Yoga and Fitness, believes that a mind-body approach brings good health and inner peace. With yoga you learn lifestyle skills that once learned can be practiced life-long. The physical routines, mindful meditation, mental relaxation and breathing can be evoked anytime, anywhere.

Helen L. Barnett, a certified Yoga Instructor in Yoga Therapy, teaches lifelong ways to set up your internal environment, identify your stressors and, much more. You will learn relaxation, breathing meditation, how to decrease your heart rate, and encourage the healthy release of calming chemicals and neurotransmitters. Read about Helen's Yoga training background.

You'll also find out how to choose foods that support healthy stress management and body chemistry. And you'll learn how to use reflexology and calming essential oils to help you release tension and anxiety anytime.

It's yoga for everyone in southern Maryland. For more information contact Nancy at 240-256-5652.

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